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Jerry Ferrara admits that Matt Harvey is Gotham's true Dark Knight on National Jersey Day

National Jersey Day is such a big deal that it's actually two holidays. To recognize the second installment of this glorious day in fashion, MLB and Majestic enlisted the services of professional jersey-wearer Jerry Ferrara.

You probably recognize Ferrara as Turtle, the typically-jersey-clad member of Vinny Chase's entourage on, well, "Entourage."


Though he's a Yankees fan in real life (and on the show), Ferrara put his allegiances aside to acknowledge the greatness of Gotham's Dark Knight, Matt Harvey, in a special National Jersey Day message to baseball fans everywhere.

He also paid his respects to King Felix Hernandez and the litany of strikeouts that come with him:

And copped to being more than a little impressed by the power and clutch hitting that's made Anthony Rizzo an MLB superstar:

There won't be another National Jersey Day until next year, so make sure you're rocking your team's colors on May 29.