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A paper airplane landed on Chase Field last night -- again. Coincidence ... or conspiracy?

It wasn't the most romantic thing to happen at Chase Field last night, but it was probably the most surreal. An uncannily well-thrown paper airplane flew right up to the mound (and the Cardinals' Fernando Salas) in the bottom of the 15th.

After Jason Kubel scored to clench the game for the D-backs in the next inning, we almost let this incident go without comment -- until we remembered what happened on the same field almost exactly nine months earlier.

On July 4, 2012, another rogue aircraft landed right across home plate at the Diamondbacks' stadium:

What is going on in Phoenix? Is NASA recruiting the engineering geniuses who constructed these planes, or did the Pentagon covertly train them in-house? And is this what drones are?

If this isn't the premise for the weirdest Dan Brown novel yet, maybe it's just Arizona's way of suggesting that we try playing baseball with something other than, you know, a baseball. HBP would forever stand for Hospitalized by Papercut.

I couldn't fold a paper airplane to save my life, along with my generalized incompetence at blowing bubblegum bubbles, wiggling my ears, or doing any of the things that make you cool when you're eight years old. But for the more aerodynamically inclined among you, XPlanes4U offers paper airplane design templates for a number of MLB teams, because this is the Internet, so of course.

If any Diamondbacks are on the hunt for a new walk-up song, here's our humble suggestion:

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /