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A Royals player inspired Lorde's 'Royals' song (UPDATE: And here he is...)

11/19 -- Just as we suspected, a Royals player inspired Lorde's mega-hit single "Royals." The New Zealand singer apparently got the idea after seeing an unnamed KC player signing autographs on National Geographic Television. Here's a video of her admission courtesy of VH1:

Of course, some people will say the song isn't actually about the baseball Royals, but instead refers to modern-day celebrity kings and queens. Hence the line, "And we'll never be royals."

True, but we'll also probably never have a bottle of barbecue sauce named after us.

Or walk up walls:

Bo, scales

Or dance as hard as these members of the Royals family:

This @Royals fan performed an elegant belly dance after Lorenzo Cain's RBI triple:

C'mon, Lorde. You can tell us the truth.


UPDATE 12/7 -- According to the Kansas City Star, the photo in question is of Royals legend George Brett from the July 1976 issue of National Geographic. Once you see the incredible picture, it'll all make sense:


(Photo by Ted Spiegel, National Geographic -- via Kansas City Star )