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Battle of the Aarons: Phillies' Harang faces Nats' Barrett in epic pregame standoff

Battle of the Aarons: Harang vs. Barrett in standoff

The Phillies were in Colorado on Thursday night, where Sean O'Sullivan and Boone Logan partook in a thrilling post-national anthem, pregame standoff that ended in a mutual decision to turn away. Well, the Phillies apparently got a taste for the standoff thrill, because ahead of Friday night's game in Washington, starter Aaron Harang and Nationals reliever Aaron Barrett faced off in yet another standoff.

And lo, it shall be known as the Battle of the Aarons -- and, as with any official battle, the opponents came prepared with battle gear.

On one side of the diamond, Barrett donned a backwards helmet. On the other was Harang, in full catcher's gear


Yes, we know what you're thinking: This is the most stylish standoff in some time.

The standoff lasted quite a while -- even after Nats' starter Max Scherzer threw the first pitch -- and for a moment it looked like it would stretch until the end of time, or until Harang had to pitch, at least. But eventually Harang flinched and Barrett was victorious. Hey, this wasn't his first rodeo, and he wasn't even trying:

"It's completely random," Barrett told's Jacob Emert postgame. "Honestly, I didn't want to do it at all. Last year I thought was my only time I'd ever do it. It just happens. There were like five of them at one point that it looked like they were basically just trying to challenge. I was like, 'OK.'

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