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Ace the Blue Jay migrates south for the spring and becomes a beach volleyball extraordinaire

Ace the Blue Jay migrated south for the spring

It was roughly 80 degrees in the Clearwater/Dunedin section of Florida where the Blue Jays are currently holding Spring Training. Back in Toronto, the temperature is sitting in the teens, if it can even get out of single digits.

So, it's natural that Jays' mascot Ace would want to hit the beach as soon as avianly possible. And of course, where there's a beach, there's beach volleyball.


"Whaaaa?????" you may be saying. "A bird playing volleyball?"

Yes. To paraphrase a great man: "Ain't no rule says the bird can't play volleyball." Let Ace serve, set and spike to his heart's content.

Just wait until next week, when Ace takes on these guys:


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