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After getting picked off, Prince Fielder reached first again ... and was heckled by Adrian Beltre

Beltre teases Prince after he gets picked off first

In this relentlessly fast-paced world of ours, sometimes you need to give yourself a break. You know, take some time to slow everything down and just appreciate the world around you and your place in it.

We must note, however, that doing so in the middle of a baseball game is not recommended -- ask Prince Fielder, who just wanted to marvel at the beauty of Kauffman Stadium during his at-bat in the top of the seventh of the Rangers-Royals game on Saturday:

Fielder pick-off

But baseball offers many chances for redemption, and Fielder confidently strode to the plate for his next at-bat ... only to be intentionally walked, forcing him to confront his arch nemesis -- first base. So, Adrian Beltre, unable to bear the thought of watching his teammate suffer the same fate again, did what any good player-turned-fake-manager would do: He gave Prince the hook from the dugout.

Fielder pinch-runner

Sure, Prince actually being taken out of the game probably was just a coincidence, and Beltre probably isn't staging a slow-burning managerial coup. Still, watch your back, Jeff Banister. 

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