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After eight seasons and varying degrees of headwear popularity, Nats fans finally get to watch their team in the postseason

Season-ticket holders since 2005, Natalia Dohne and her family have skipped only a few Nats games during the team's eight seasons in D.C.

Naturally, there was no way they could watch Washington's first  postseason run from home.

After waiting to see whether Davey Johnson's squad would play its NLDS opener in Atlanta or St. Louis, they booked last-minute tickets and flew out on Sunday.

Natalia started thinking about a potential playoff run halfway through the 2012 campaign and noticed at least one significant shift in the fanbase around the same time: More hats.

"People are showing up in gear, which is exciting," she said. "I think people are starting to understand baseball in D.C., so we're happy to see that."

Headwear proliferation is always a favorable sign, but Washington's white-on-red color scheme has caused some confusion with the similarly attired St. Louis faithful. If Natalia gets her wish, that won't be an issue later this month.

"Maybe if we go against the Orioles or the Yankees, you'll notice more Nats fans."

-- Ian Kay /

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