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After Tulowitzki and Bautista were named captains, who should they pick to fill out their Derby roster?

On Tuesday night, Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki were chosen as captain the AL and NL Home Run Derby teams, respectively. 

As for how they got the job, their resumes spoke for themselves. Just look at some of these blasts:


But just who are they going to pick? Their best friends? Their teammates? Their Moms? While my adult co-ed softball team was happy to let my Mom play when we were short players, I'm not sure that's how the Derby works. Here's who we'd like to see make it out to the field on xx xx. 

American League

Mike Trout

"Hi, my name's Mike Trout. You may remember me from my back-to-back MVP runner-up seasons and the roughly 8 dozen home runs that I've stolen. This year, I'm only doing my usual thing except that I'm hitting for more power than ever before. I think my 16 home runs would look quite nice in the Minnesota heat." 


Jose Abreu

You know how rookies are supposed to struggle in their first taste of Major League pitching? That even if they have some early success they will soon struggle as pitchers adapt to them? Yeah, Jose Abreu hasn't had that problem yet. 

I've been trying to get people to call Jose Abreu the Meatball Monster. Because he is an absolute monster when he hits these meatballs


Edwin Encarnacion