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A.J. Burnett once broke a truck window with a warmup pitch

A.J. Burnett broke a truck window with warmup pitch

They say that baseball is a kid's game, but that's never been more true than when someone's got to take responsiblity for a ball going through someone's window.

On Sept. 7, 2001 -- just four months after throwing one of the weirdest no-hitters in baseball history -- Burnett aimed to have a little fun with Billy the Marlin when he was warming up between innings.

Billy was riding in the back of a pickup truck around the outskirts of the field at Pro Player Stadium. As the truck drove around home plate, Burnett reared back and fired one over the head of catcher Mike Redmond and in the general viscinity of the moving vehicle. The problem: Burnett's aim was too good, and it shattered the rear passenger-side window, starling Billy in the process:

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