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The best and most unique gifts to give to every MLB fan in your life: AL edition

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Don't panic: You still have plenty of time to get presents for everyone on your list, no matter who they are, what relation they are to you, or precisely what monetary value you wish ascribe to your relationship. But as the saying goes -- gather ye rosebuds. No more dilly-dallying.

We're here to help. Because we are generous purveyors of service journalism, we went through the entire Shop, scanning the offerings for every single team and hand-plucked the items for sale that would make the best gifts.

These are, 100 percent, without a doubt, the absolutely must-have gifts for a fan of any AL team. You're welcome.

Baltimore Orioles


Everyone knows at least one person who still uses a palm pilot. This leather Orioles Palm Pilot case is a classy way to say to that person, "Forget smartphones -- you do you."

Boston Red Sox


Wanting to brand your meats is a natural impulse. Give your Boston friend a Red Sox brand set and their grilling never will lack fandom again..

Chicago White Sox


Nothing says holidays like a ceramic figurine of a young child. Now, in full White Sox regalia.

Cleveland Indians


A complete brie serving set? Engraved with the Indians logo? A no-brainer.

Detroit Tigers


You might be tempted to give a Tigers fan something city-themed, like a Tigers car mat. But no, we say be more creative -- like this sunglasses and Tigers fedora-wearing Owl shredding a guitar.

Houston Astros


Have you ever seen anything cuter than baby Orbit? No, you have not.

Kansas City Royals


Nothing says "wildly exciting 2014 postseason run" like a handsome pair of gardening gloves. The Royals dug deep this postseason, and with these, you'll be ready to dig into spring planting season. 

Los Angeles Angels


Nearly as cute as baby Orbit: this Angels baby rally monkey on a burp cloth.

Minnesota Twins


We're pretty sure if you asked Twins fans who would win in a fight, Joe Mauer or Superman, they would pick Mauer. With this cape, they can pretend to be their favorite superhero.

New York Yankees


To Yankees fans, their team is magical. Now they can pretend to be the source of that magic.

Oakland A's


This is a hand-crafted figurine of Stomper surfing. Enough said.

Seattle Mariners


Mariners skis, you know, to ski down Mt. Rainier. Just kidding -- don't do that.

Tampa Bay Rays


Raymond is one of the most intriguing mascots in MLB. Frankly, we think anyone would love a book about his exploits.

Texas Rangers


Can you imagine waking up to a giant cow-head pillow? It'd sort of be like that one Godfather scene, except cuddlier.

Toronto Blue Jays


Are rope necklaces still cool? Yes, yes they are.