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Pete Rose pulled off an amazing photobomb while the FS1 crew was discussing ALCS Game 6

If this season has taught us anything, it's that things get a little weird during rain delays. Everyone's suddenly stuck with nothing better to do, which is how human curling and Snapchat emoji games come about. 

But on Friday, Pete Rose elevated killing time to an art form. While ALCS Game 6 was stuck in an eighth-inning rain delay, the FOX Sports 1 studio crew broke down the game in progress and talked through possible strategy for when play resumed. C.J. Nitkowski was discussing bullpen management. All was going according to plan -- and then Rose executed arguably the most pristine photobomb in the entirety of human history:

Because this is the Internet in 2015, you can probably guess what happened from there. Behold, the Pete Rose memes have arrived:



Frank Thomas and Alex Rodriguez got in on the fun too -- check out the whole thing below: