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Johnny Cueto was pretty impressed with Johnny Cueto's Game 5 gem in this third-person interview

Cueto gives third-person interview after ALDS gem

It's safe to say that when the Royals acquired ace and future "Dancing with the Stars" champion Johnny Cueto at the Trade Deadline, his performance in Wednesday's decisive Game 5 win was what they had in mind. It was vintage Cueto -- the awkward swings and misses, the shimmies and, of course, the K's. Eight of them, to be precise:

Cueto Ks

After allowing an early two-run dinger to Luis Valbuena, Cueto was dominant, sitting down 19 consecutive Astros and letting the K.C. bats do the rest. But just how great was the righty? What inspired Cueto to put together his best performance in his biggest start of the year? Only one man can properly put things into perspective for the inquiring minds of the world:

How was Johnny Cueto able to step up in such a pivotal Game 5? "Games like this are where you see Johnny Cueto -- the real Johnny Cueto." Yes, Cueto gave his interview through an interpreter, but if you listen closely, you'll hear the pitcher was speaking in the third person the whole time. 

So there you have it: Analyst Johnny Cueto, foremost authority on starting pitcher Johnny Cueto.

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