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Alex Cobb is adopting that adorable stray dog he found at Spring Training

If the Spring Training weather down in Port Charlotte, Fla., isn't warm enough to melt your heart, we've got a story about Rays pitcher Alex Cobb that will surely do the trick. Last week, Cobb was leaving Charlotte Sports Park when he noticed a stray dog wandering near a busy road. Cobb tracked the pup over multiple roadways and through some backyards before finally catching up with him.

The dog had no collar or distinguishing marks, so he and the Rays community outreach team set about trying to find its owner. After a couple of days went by, it appeared that the team was not going to be able to get the pup back to his original home (if he even had one), so Cobb has decided to adopt the cute little thing.

Cobb's American bulldog, Axel, has apparently taken a liking to the newest member of the Cobb family, affectionately dubbed "Oscar."

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go order matching Alex Cobb shirseys for me and my dog, because that's totally normal and not weird at all. Don't judge us.