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Alex Gordon hasn't washed his hat all season, douses it with body spray, instead

Alex Gordon won't wash his smelly hat

If you've ever smelled the inside of a hockey bag, then apparently you know the odor of Alex Gordon's hat. The Royals left fielder is a bit superstitious and has only worn one hat all season long. He also hasn't washed it, opting to instead douse it in body spray in an attempt to undermine the foul scent it emits.

During Friday's Game 3 broadcast, Joe Buck and Co. were discussing the fragrance habits of Gordon's teammates (Salvador Perez and Alcides Escobar wear perfume during games), when they realized that the Royals might be the best-smelling team in baseball.

"How can you not think baseball players are superstitious when you've got some guys on Kansas City wearing women's perfume in these big games in the postseason and you've got Alex Gordon -- the left fielder -- he's worn the same hat all year."

Ya know, if all that body spray is covering up the foulness atop Gordon's head.



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