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Alex Gordon makes great diving catch then ponders the meaning of life

Gordon make great catch then ponders life's meaning

As he's done so often this year, Alex Gordon and his 21.9 UZR made an amazing diving catch. In the bottom of the 7th inning on Wednesday, Gordon went all out, caring not for his personal well-being to snag this ball off the bat of Jose Ramirez: 

Gordon catch

But when the umpires went to review the catch, Alex Gordon didn't retreat to his spot in left field and begin preparing for the next batter. Instead he pondered the very meaning of life. 

Alex Gordon

"I mean, sure, I made the catch. But what's it matter in the grand scheme of things? The universe goes on for infinity and I am merely the tiniest speck of dust, the smallest molecule hidden in light years of indifference. One day the sun will expand and devour the Earth, wiping out all trace of humanity, so what does it all mean?"

Either that or he could simply have been deciding between post-game food choices. 

Alex Gordon

"I could order a pizza. Or -- no, hamburgers. Although tacos sound pretty good, too." 

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