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This Cubs-Royals game contains the alternate ending to the World Series

Alex Gordon shows how Game 7 might have ended

We all remember how Game 7 of the 2014 World Series ended: Alex Gordon, representing the possible tying run, wound up stuck on third base forever more. Since then, at least 700,000 parallel universes have been created based on the speculation that he should have been waved home, which would have led to a dramatic showdown between Gordon and Giants catcher Buster Posey at the plate -- and, possibly, a Royals win.

But, thanks to a Cubs-Royals Spring Training game on Saturday, we can finally see what might have happened if Gordon had made a break for the plate:


Well … OK. Looks like we're done here, unless we want to stick around to congratulate Gordon on his truly amazing ability to run bases and blow bubbles at the same time:


None of us could pull this off. We would all need the Heimlich maneuver within 4 seconds. Let us all salute Alex Gordon and his extreme multitasking skill. 

h/t: Reddit

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