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Alex Rodriguez hits sixth birthday home run, is now all-time leader in birthday blasts

A-Rod becomes all-time leader in b-day blasts

Most people celebrate their birthdays with a cake or small get-together with friends. Sometimes there are presents, sometimes there are clow -- no, sorry, NO CLOWNS ALLOWED.

How does Alex Rodriguez prefer to spend his birthdays? Well, he likes to hit home runs. He'd already hit five b-day blasts coming into Monday's Yankees-Rangers game (his 40th birthday), and in the sixth inning he went bye-bye:

Rodriguez is now the all-time leader in birthday home runs:

And the fourth player (Gary Sheffield, Rusty Staub, Ty Cobb) to hit a long ball in both his teens and 40's. Here's what he told's Bryan Hoch after the game:

"When you play for a long time, these things just add up. But it is nice. It is quite a great gift to have the whole family here. I'm going to celebrate a little with my teammates tonight, my daughters are here. It's a great win and the home run is icing on top."
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