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Which pair of baseball BFFs would make the best 'Amazing Race' team?

Which MLBers could make it on 'The Amazing Race'?

Baseball and "The Amazing Race," which will begin its 26th season on CBS this Wednesday, have a long and storied history. Well, OK, maybe not that long. Baseball wives Kim DeJesus and Nicky Getz (married to the Rays' David and former Royal Chris) were on season 23 and represented MLB well, even though they were eliminated in Leg 8 of the race.

But that doesn't mean baseball can't try again. Listen up, "Amazing Race," because we put together some incredible teams for you.

1. Yasiel Puig and Juan Uribe

The key to winning "The Amazing Race" is a solid relationship with your partner in competition, which is why Puig and Uribe would make such a stellar team.They are clearly the best of friends:


And since self-described best buddies won seasons 1, 2 and 9 of the show, this Dodgers duo would have it in the bag.

Plus, if for some reason they happen to encounter a musical roadblock, Uribe's on it.

2. The Upton Brothers

Siblings also tend to do well on the show. Pro hockey players Jonathan "Bates" and Anthony Battaglia even won season 22. Sure, sometimes things get tense, but familial love can overcome anything. If Melvin Upton could survive a near decapitation at his brother's hands, then surely he could survive a watermelon to the face as well:


3. Dee and Tom Gordon

Father and son Dave and Connor O'Leary won season 24, and neither one of them was nicknamed in reference to a guy whose superpower is being really fast. After all, it's called "The Amazing Race," not "The Amazing Stroll." 

4. Daniel Norris and Munenori Kawasaki

Blue Jays prospect Daniel Norris is used to conditions on the road, and there's nothing that suggests he wouldn't be as good at driving a dune buggy as he is at driving a van. But Norris is almost aggressively relaxed, so he needs someone who can give him and the viewers at home energy for the next leg of the journey.

That's where Muni comes in:


 Plus, we already know he'd be a fan favorite.

5. Madison Bumgarner and Hunter Pence

But sometimes it's the more energetic partner that needs a calming influence. Hunter Pence has all the skills a competitor needs, up to and including the ability to pilot unusual vehicles. He'd even be able to manage the famous ox challenge, because with MadBum on his team, his ox would never get broken.

Seriously, MadBum is very, very good with oxen

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