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American hero Clint Dempsey throws out first pitch before Sunday's Mariners game

American hero Clint Dempsey throws out first pitch

Clint Dempsey has done a lot of things to stand out in the collective conscious of the American sports fan. He scored 30 seconds into the U.S. Men's National Team's first game of the 2014 World Cup. He scored 57 goals while with Fulham and Tottenham in the English Premier League. He, umm, raps. 

Those all pale in comparison with Sunday. One day after Dempsey's Seattle Sounders defeated the Vancouver Whitecaps, 2-0, with Dempsey providing an assist, the striker threw out the first pitch before the Mariners-Red Sox game. 

Dempsey first warmed up in the bullpen/caverns of the stadium with Sounders teammate Chad Barrett: 

So it really shouldn't be surprising that Dempsey fired in a wonderstrike to Felix Hernandez, who was crouched behind the dish. 


It's just the latest in a string of highlights for Dempsey, who is in the midst of a 10-game MLS streak with either a goal or an assist. It ties him for the fourth-longest streak ever, one game shy of the record

That includes this curling shot, or curveball to score on May 9 against Columbus: 

And who knows, maybe if the Mariners need some bullpen help later this summer, they can work out a loan deal for the USMNT captain.

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