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Andrelton Simmons used one of those watches that freezes time to tag Domonic Brown at second

Andrelton Simmons must have a watch that stops time

OK, after watching the fourth inning of Thursday's Braves-Phillies game, it's safe to say that Andrelton Simmons is in possession of one of those watches that stops time (or speeds him up so fast that everything around him appears to be frozen, whichever way you want to think about it).

The slew of highlights Simmons produces game after game made us suspicious, but Simmons' tag on Domonic Brown for the second out of the bottom of the fourth confirms it.


A.J. Pierzynski attempted to pick off Brown at second, but his throw to Simmons was just oh-so-slightly too late and Brown slid back safely. As he was standing up and repositioning himself on the base, however, Simmons froze time precisely at the nanosecond Brown wasn't touching second and promptly placed the ball casually on his back.

You can't see Simmons actually use his watch to stop time, but there's really no explanation.


Brown was still called safe, because we're talking the infinitesimal amounts of time imperceptible to the naked eye. But the play went to review and, using video technology that recreated Simmons' time-stopping powers (aka slow-motion replay), was overturned.

Brown was sent to the dugout and Shelby Miller struck out Aaron Harang for the final out of the inning. More importantly, though, the world learned Simmons' powerful secret.

"[Simmons is] always aware and I love watching him play," Miller told's Mark Bowman after the game. "I'm glad he's on my team."

We'd want a shortstop with time-stopping ability on our team, too.

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