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Andrelton Simmons uses quantum mechanics to get the out in this defensive gem

Simmons uses quantum mechanics to get out

While we've always known that Andrelton Simmons is a great defender, we didn't know the secret to his abilities. We simply assumed it was great genes mixed with hard work and the blessing of a wizard. Turns out that Andrelton Simmons has mastered the art of quantum mechanics. 

How else can you describe him both getting to this ball and throwing out Travis d'Arnaud without Simmons using, I dunno, quantum zenos, dark matter and bosons to teleport through space? Perhaps Simmons got some help from a few of the infinite Simmonses that litter the multiverse.


I mean, if Simmons didn't use theoretical particle physics and an advanced knowledge of string theory to get behind the third baseman and make a leaping throw from shallow left field and instead used the same muscles and bones that I have, well, gee, that doesn't boost my self-esteem. 

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