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Is this Minor League pitcher actually Andrew Cashner's clone?

Andrew Cashner has Minor League doppelganger

A week or so ago, new Padres pitcher James Shields approached Andrew Cashner with a wide smile on his face and some exciting news.

Cashner, Shields insisted, had a doppelganger at the team's Spring Training facility - a Minor League pitcher named Jeffery Enloe.

"Shields told me about him, but I hadn't met him," said Cashner, who was admittedly suspicious. "But then I saw him and it was scary. I was like, 'Holy smokes, he looks just like me.'"

Cash, meet Coins.

Last year, some of the Minor League trainers noticed a resemblance between Enloe, a 25-year-old left-handed pitcher who was drafted in the 37th round in 2013, and Cashner, who is often called "Cash" by teammates and coaches.

"They were the ones who first gave me the nickname 'Coins,'" Enloe said.

But it wasn't until this spring that the two met. 

As part of manager Bud Black's team-building exercises in the morning, instructors Trevor Hoffman and Mark Loretta walked over to the Minor League clubhouse to get Enloe.

"They told me what was going on and to have fun with it," Enloe said. "They gave me a little heads-up."

More than that, though, they gave Enloe his own jersey - complete with the name 'Coins' emblazoned across the back: 


The room howled with delight.

Cashner and Enloe chatted for a few minutes, with the two realizing that Enloe doesn't actually live all that far from Cashner's home in Conroe, Texas. 

"It's a pretty cool deal. He's not too far from me down in Baton Rouge," Cashner said. "He seems like a nice kid, I'll probably take him out to dinner before the end of camp."

Preferably he'll pay with Cash, not Coins.

Corey Brock is a reporter for Keep track of @FollowThePadres on Twitter.

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