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Andrew McCutchen finally explains the hand signal the Pirates dugout does after a big hit

When Francisco Liriano smacked an RBI double in the bottom of the second inning against the D-backs on Tuesday night, the Pirates responded how they've often responded to big hits this season -- with this weird hand motion:


Are they hexing their opponents? Doing some sort of adapted version of spirit fingers?

For months, the world has wondered why this is the Pirates' go-to celebration. "I've asked multiple players, multiple times -- no one would say anything," ROOT Sports' Robby Incmikoski said.

Finally, Andrew McCutchen explained the origin:

"It can mean whatever you want it to mean. We get it from Dmitri Young. We were walking down in D.C., down the hall and they got a bunch of pictures of previous players and current players on the wall. There's a picture of Da Meat Hook, right there -- helmet off, do-rag on, and he's standing there doing the whole thing. And we got a kick out of it, and thought it was really funny, me and [Josh Harrison]. So we just stuck with it and just kept doing it, and people caught on to it."

Well, that makes a lot more sense than some sort of magic ritual ... 

But Cutch did say it means whatever we want it to mean. So we're going to stick with hexing.