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Andrew McCutchen's walk-up song is now Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

Andrew McCutchen is one of baseball's most exciting, entertaining and all-around talented players. And, in this writer's humble opinion, he might have the best taste in music of anyone in MLB.

That's because during Monday's game against the Marlins, it was reported that McCutchen has begun using Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" as his walk-up song.

Some posited that it might not have been McCutchen's choosing at all:

But maybe, just maybe, the former National League MVP is MLB's resident Swiftie -- just look at him grooving in the (definitely not photoshopped) picture above.

Right now, his walk-up song is "Bad Blood." If Pittsburgh's winning streak (currently at four games, including Monday's 4-2 win) continues, it might change to "Wildest Dreams." When the Pirates' record gets above .500, perhaps he'll change it to "Out Of The Woods." If they lose a game, "Shake It Off" could make a cameo.

And that's before he even gets to Swift's back catalogue. I mean, have you ever noticed that McCutchen wears No. 22? TWENTY-TWO.

Hey, Cutch is starting to heat up. As the old baseball adage goes: If a dugout exorcism doesn't work, use Taylor Swift for your walk-up song.

h/t For The Win.