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Andruw Jones, Wily Mo Pena and 3 other former stars trying to make comebacks in 2015

5 former stars trying a comeback in 2015

The art of the comeback. When done right, it's a great story. An interesting (idea for a) movie. A classic song.  

Baseball is no different. There's even an award for the greatest to do it each and every season. But in 2015, there are a few guys looking to return after being out of Major League Baseball for a season (or three). Players who've won some of baseball's most prestigious awards. Players you might recognize. Players like ...

Barry Zito

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres : News Photo

After spending all of 2014 out of baseball, Zito said back in December that he'd like to make a comebackThis week, the former Cy Young Award winner threw for a few teams. We'll soon find out if he's back in big league form. If not, he can always live out the rest of his days meditating alongside David Lynch and Russell Brand. 

Andruw Jones

2013 World Baseball Classic - Pool 1, Game 5: Team Netherlands vs. Team Cuba : News Photo

Jones has been out of the Majors since 2012, but after spending two years playing in Japan, the 37-year-old wants back in. He compiled 50 home runs and 165 RBIs in two seasons with the Rakuten Eagles, winning a championship with the team in 2013. He'd likely serve a DH role if picked up by a big league team. Even though he used to be, you know, a pretty decent fielder:

Manny Ramirez

Cincinnati Reds v Oakland Athletics : News Photo

Hello there, Manny. Yes, the 42-year-old still wants to see if he hack it in The Show. After hitting a few home runs (and helping Javier Baez and Jorge Soler hit a few more) as a Cubs' Triple-A player/coach last season, Manny powered his way through the Dominican Winter League. He slashed at a .313/.409/.510 clip with six homers and 28 RBIs. And at least one of 'em was vintage Manny:

Wily Mo Pena

The rumors are true. After spending three years playing baseball in Japan (and destroying baseballs in Japan), the great Wily Mo has decided that he has some unfinished business to attend to in North America. The Twins have expressed interest in the outfielder's services, and just as pitchers have throwing sessions, we expect the 33-year-old to hold a hitting session. We also would like to be there. Until then, here are some reasons to sign him:




Johan Santana

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets : News Photo

Although he had no structural damage in his shoulder, Santana, who hasn't pitched in MLB since 2012, was shut down for the remainder of the Venezuelan League playoffs this winter due to soreness. There doesn't seem to be a timetable set for when the two-time Cy Young Award winner can audition for teams, but we hope it happens. We also hope that shoulder can stay healthy enough for just a little while longer ...


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