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Angel Stadium sets Guinness World Record for 'most people wearing wigs'

There are Guinness World Records for all sorts of strange things -- achievements like longest fingernails and tallest mohawk. Apparently, there's a record for 'most people wearing wigs,' and when the Angels found out about it, they knew they needed to break it.

The old record was 12,083 -- held by an Australian rugby team -- but since Angel Stadium holds a lot more people than that, the probability that Halos fans could make history was almost 100 percent.

Before the game, fans were given incredibly stylish "rally wigs" and were told that they'd be asked to don them for the big attempt. At the start of the fifth inning, the go-sign was given and the official count began -- eventually reaching a record-breaking 32,862 and forever marking June 1 as a red-letter date in the annals of Angels history.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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