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Lest you forget, Ozzie Smith once straight hurdled a runner to turn an insane double play

Ozzie Smith once hurdled a runner to complete a DP

Man, for all his many wonders and complexities, was not gifted with the ability to fly. It's simply a line our species wasn't meant to cross -- if Icarus taught us anything, it's that the sky is the realm of birds and/or Giancarlo Stanton.

Watching Ozzie Smith, though, you really start to wonder. I mean, sure, you think gravity is a constant, but then the Wizard goes and hurdles a human being, and how can we be so sure? Case in point: Aug. 29, 1992, in a game against the Dodgers:

Ozzie throw

Once you've finished picking your brain up off the floor, consider that Ozzie not only had that vertical, but he also managed to fire a strike while casually hanging in the air. Given that Smith has clearly signed some sort of Robert Johnson deal with the Devil, what did he give up in exchange? An actual cardinal? A gold fiddle of some sort? The world would like some answers, Oz.

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