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No Cleveland-area peanut bags are safe as long as Anthony Rizzo is roaming the first-base line

Anthony Rizzo jokingly steals fan's peanut bag

The "Hey, look over there at some imaginary thing while I steal your food!" tactic is as old as time/the existence of little siblings. But staging an entire professional baseball game and orchestrating a foul ball down the first-base line, all to get your hands on some unsuspecting fan's bag of peanuts? That seems a little egregious, Anthony Rizzo.

Rizzo peanuts

Although at least some of the blame has to go to that fan's wingman (wingfan?), who lets Rizzo cross his line of sight, snag the bag and give it back before registering any reaction whatsoever -- and then promptly patting Rizzo on the back for his effort. Peanuts before pros, man.

Although it's entirely possible Rizzo was just trying to emulate another lefty-swinging first baseman who kept an eye on the concession stand:

Rizzo Mattingly split

We won't lie, Anthony, the mustache game needs a little work. 

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