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Anybody who's anybody caught a foul ball with their beer on Saturday

Who needs a glove when you've got a beer?

There are some who bring baseball gloves to the ballgame, hoping that the addition of some leather and padding will help them make a great play on a foul ball or home run.

Others are a little more ingenious. Like this Cubs fan at Saturday's game against the Padres. Armed simply with a cup of beer, she managed to both snag the lucky souvenir, and as befits such a prize, she ritualistically chugged the sudsy beverage in celebration. 

Beer catch

Which she should. After all,with the rough chances of catching a foul ball sitting at one in 1,189, the odds of catching one in a full beer is (carry the two, multiply by the remainder ...) much smaller than that.

So revel in your victory, great warrior. You defied the wind, other fans and the very odds themselves to come away with your very own, now-sopping wet prize. 

UPDATE: It seems as though this Cubs fan is a bit of a trend-setter. Shortly after her catch-and-chug at the Friendly Confines, a fan at Toronto's Rogers Centre tried his hand at the trick. Sadly, it doesn't work as well when you're drinking beer from a can.


UPDATE AGAIN: We're gonna have our stats intern check with Elias, but this has to be some kind of record. A third fan -- this one in San Francisco -- used his beer to catch a foul ball on Saturday:


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