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Architecture students marvels in Minute Maid Park's design

Roy Casillas, a master's student in architecture at Texas A&M, watched his first game at Minute Maid Park on Thursday. But his attention wasn’t entirely on the field.

"I'm here at Minute Maid Park today to do some research for my final study project, which concerns stadium design and reinventing the way stadiums are made," Casillas said.

According to Casillas, the Astrodome was part of his inspiration to become an architect. He's also studied features of Houston's current ballpark.

"One of the things I found out when I came on the tour here a while back was that wherever you go, you can see the action on the field," Casillas said. "That is a really good thing."

Casillas was also impressed by how the park incorporates surrounding structures.

"I particularly enjoy how Minute Maid Park has a unique design to it," Casillas said. "Particularly how they took part of Union Station and made it part of the final design."

Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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