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Aroldis Chapman can't stop buckling batters' knees with his insane fastball

Aroldis Chapman threw a 99-mph fastball on Wednesday that literally made Javier Baez's knees buckle, dropping him to the ground:


Wait a minute … that looks familiar. Quite familiar.

Oh, right. Just six short days ago, on Aug. 27, Chapman did the same thing to Enrique Hernandez:


Clearly, Chapman is taking the term "mowing down batters" to a whole new level. Maybe, in addition to the Statcast™ filter, we should start adjusting how Chapman's strikes are called. From now on, it's not a swinging strike unless the batter also drops to a knee. 

I mean, come on -- twice in a week? Anyone at-bat against Chapman should start getting acquainted with the batter's box dirt.