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With socks pulled high, Jesse Chavez and Stephen Vogt perform 'Two Gentlemen of VerOakland'

Chavez and Vogt perform Two Gentlemen of VerOakland

You may have noticed something a little funny when Jesse Chavez took the mound against the Astros on Saturday afternoon: His socks. No, it wasn't just that they were pulled high, but that they were the painted on stirrups that you tend to see in a Little League game rather than a big league field. In fact, both Chavez and his battery mate Stephen Vogt were showing off the look. 

But don't worry, it's less that Chavez and Vogt were trying to fool the at-home viewers with tricky hosiery, and more that they were performing Shakespeare in the Ballpark with a performance of Two Gentlemen of VerOakland. After all, do these uniforms not resemble Elizabethan "breeches?"


And here's a sample of a scene that they performed. As you'll notice, they have changed some of Shakespeare's dialogue to be about baseball. (Personally, I think all Shakespeare should be about baseball.)

Vogt is playing the role of Proteus while Chavez is Valentine. 

SCENE I. Oakland. A baseball stadium.

And on a score-book pray for my success?

Upon some book I love I'll pray for thee. Probably Bill James' Historical Abstract.

That's on some shallow story of deep baseball:
How young Leander cross'd home plate.

That's a deep story of a deeper score:
For that run made fans over baseball cleats in love.

'Tis true; for you are over baseball cleats in love,
And yet you never swam the Allegheny River behind PNC Park. Or in McCovey Cove, either. 

Over the cleats? nay, give me not the cleats.

No, I will not, for you clearly already have cleats. In fact, you are wearing them now.


To be a pitcher, where runs allowed are brought with groans
Coy K's with sore muscles; one fading moment's mirth
With twenty, watchful, weary, tedious night games
If haply won, perhaps a hapless gain in the standings,
If lost, why then a grevious addition to the loss column.  

While much of this was lost on the at-home viewers as they were not mic'd for their conversations, Chavez did impress the Tony Awards voters with seven innings of one-run ball to get the victory over the Astros. 

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