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Moms strike back: A's fan catches foul ball while holding her son on Father's Day

Mom grabs foul ball on Father's Day while holding son

You may recall the story of Mike Capko. He was the father in attendance at Citizens Bank Park on Mother's Day, who caught a foul ball barehanded with a baby strapped to his chest and gifted it to his wife. It was an impressive and heartwarming story all the way around.

Well, the mothers of the world saw this story and collectively decided that they must match it. So, on Father's Day, they sent Oakland fan Michelle to the Angels-A's game to catch a foul ball.

She did just that, making a magnificent grab amid a tangle of hands in the seventh inning, all while holding her son:


The moms of the world then turned to the dads of the world and asked, "Are you not entertained?"

Michelle made the trek from Gilroy, Calif. to celebrate Father's Day with her husband and kids. The catch makes for her and her son's first foul ball -- and in true parental fashion, she's letting him keep it.

Happy Father's Day, everbody.  

Dads: 1

Moms: 1


Additional reporting via Laiken Whitters, Real-Time Correspondent. 

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