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A's fan gifts kid foul ball, kid immediately repays the favor, and the Circle of Foul Balls spins on

A's fan gifts foul ball to fan, fan returns the favor

If this season has shown us anything -- you know, aside from the existence of superheroes and the emptiness of the universe -- it's the virtues of foul ball karma: Time and again, fans all over the country have found the littlest human in the area and produced a bunch of #Cute4 alerts

But during Tuesday night's Rangers-A's game, the stars aligned, the karmic deities allowing these disparate moments of foul balls past to come together -- forming a glorious double rainbow of generosity:

A's foul balls

One fan gives of himself and his souvenirs, and then moments later is repaid in full. Giving and receiving, and giving and receiving, action and reaction and past and present blurring together to form that which is truly sublime -- that which moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love:

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