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A's pitcher Pat Venditte explains his superpower: Ambidextrous pitching

A's pitcher Pat Venditte talks switch-pitching

A's reliever Pat Venditte is a professional right-handed pitcher. He is also a professional left-handed pitcher. Often, he does both in the same game. Welcome to the world of ambidextrous pitching.

The Minor Leaguer scored an invite to Spring Training this season and with his career 2.54 ERA and average 10 strikeouts per nine innings, it's not difficult to see why. This week, the switch-pitching Venditte went on Hot Stove to break down his baseball superpower for us mortals.

"When did you start pitching, or just throwing, from both hands?" host Harold Reynolds asked Venditte, as if asking Peter Parker when he began sticking to the sides of buildings.

"I'm a natural right hander -- everything I do in life is right-handed whether it's golf or basketball or anything like that," Venditte explained. "But when I was three years old, my father started teaching me to throw with my left hand, and it was just one of those things kind of that progressed."

And what about that bizarre, world-wonder of a glove?

"Since I was seven years old I've been fortunate to have a glove made by Mizuno," Venditte said. "They had already had it made for [former Major League pitcher] Greg Harris, so my dad just traced my hand when I was seven, and about two months later I had my first glove. I've been using those ever since."

Check out Venditte's full Hot Stove appearance above for more details on his two-arm warmup routine and how he manages to stay on the same page with his catchers.

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