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Sean Doolittle shows up to the 'Force Awakens' premiere rocking a sweet Chewbacca costume

Photo via @whatwouldDOOdo

It felt as though this day would never come, but finally, on Thursday night, the world was graced with a new "Star Wars" movie. Merely showing up was not an option. This was an emotional -- nay, spiritual -- commitment, and certain preparations were required. 

Sean Doolittle understands this -- you don't change your Twitter name to "Mace WinDOO" on a whim, after all. And so, on his way to the theater, he decided to set the mood (much to the dismay of his girlfriend).

Wookiee fashion is not all whimsy and sound effects, however. It is a burden that must be carried with great solemnity and shameless, shameless puns:

(What, you thought we'd reached the event horizon of "Star Wars" wordplay? Don't be ridiculous.)

But all of the polyester fabric in the world can't dampen that moment when the lights go down, and all of a sudden you're five years old again. Exhibit A: