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Astronaut Terry Virts pays tribute to Jackie Robinson from the International Space Station

Astronaut aboard ISS pays tribute to Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson looms large, even to this day. His courage in integrating the game of baseball has reverberated throughout society for decades. But on this Jackie Robinson Day, his influence has officially slipped the stratosphere:

That's astronaut Terry Virts, currently the commander of Expedition 43 aboard the International Space Station, rocking the replica Robinson jersey and Brooklyn Dodgers cap in honor of Jackie. He's an avid fan of his beloved Orioles and the game of baseball -- for the past few days, he's been tweeting out pictures taken from space of the 28 cities with Major League teams, challenging his followers to correctly match each city with its photo using the hashtag #ISSPlayBall. 

He also, incidentally, has a heck of an arm:

Terry Virts throw

And here's Virts talking about what Robinson means to him, all while casually orbiting our planet:

Virts is set to return to Earth next month. Hopefully he'll be catching a ballgame soon.