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Astros CF Jake Marisnick conquers Tal's Hill for one of the best catches of the year

Jake Marisnick pulls in one of the grabs of the year

It may look awfully cool, but since Minute Maid Park first opened in 2000, Tal's Hill out in center field has claimed its fair share of outfielders who dare chase fly balls up the slope. Houston center fielder Jake Marisnick, though, cares nothing for your cruel ballpark design:

Marisnick Catch

Incline? We don't need no stinkin' incline. (By the way, not pictured: the small country's worth of space Marisnick had to cover just to get anywhere near that ball in the first place. That's a 436-foot sign out there.)

Starter Collin McHugh's face pretty much says it all: "...wait, he did what?"

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