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A fan snapped a photo of Albert Pujols' 30th home run ball before throwing it back on the field

Fan catches Pujols' HR, snaps photo, throws it back

It's been three years since Albert Pujols hit 30 home runs in a season, so it's been three years since Pujols hit a 30th homer (well, almost -- 1,050 days to be exact) of the season. Which means it's also been 1,050 days since a fan caught a Pujols' 30th home run ball.

The one who caught Pujols' 30th homer of 2015 on Wednesday, however, happened to be an Astros fan -- so he probably wasn't totally enthused to see Pujols knock one out of Minute Maid Park. He did what any loyal fan would do. He threw the ball back.

But! The 'Stros were up 6-1 (they won, 6-3) and we are in the middle of a Pujonaissance, after all, so he didn't let the ball go before getting some proof that he caught it.


As the kids are saying, Instagrams or it didn't happen.

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