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Astros mascot Orbit goes fishing for (Mike) Trout

Video via Ryan Cantrell / Real-Time Correspondent

In the state of Texas, fishermen can only bag spotted seatrout between 14 and 25 inches in length (and no more than 10 a day). We're not sure whether or not that regulation applies to Angels outfielders with the last name "Trout," but we'd advise Orbit to err on the side of caution.

The Astros are hosting the Angels for a two-game set at Minute Maid Park and Orbit wasted no time before breaking out his A-game, using a fishing pole to try to catch Mike Trout. Folks at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation can rest easy knowing that Orbit was unsuccessful and Trout even managed to turn the table on the mascot -- reeling in the furry extraterrestrial for himself. 

We don't believe that Major League Baseball imposes any regulations as to the length and weight of mascots caught during the summer months.