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Astros really wanted to make sure the inning was over, so they tried to record four outs

Astros tried to record four outs in one inning

Tied, 7-7, with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning of a game that eventually lasted 10 innings, the Astros really, really wanted to make sure they'd get to the eighth without ceding a lead to the Red Sox. They were so intent on getting out of the inning, in fact, that first baseman Chris Carter tried to record four outs.

Ryan Hanigan grounded out to third base for the third out of the inning, but when Luis Valbuena threw to Carter for the putout, Carter launched it back to third for Carlos Correa to nab Alejandro De Aza hustling over from first. And the umpire called it as out No. 4.

astros.gif's Brian McTaggart got an explanation from Carter:

"I knew the outs, but I just saw the runner and Correa got over to third and I just kind of locked up for a second and threw it over there, and went 'Oh, wait.' ... As soon as I threw it, I was like, 'Four outs, never mind.'"

It's OK, Chris. You can never be too careful, after all. And though the Astros gave up a run in the next inning, they won with a four-run 10th inning, 12-8. Apparently, that four-out kind of extra effort paid off in the long run. 

It's just a shame you can't save up outs and roll them over for the next inning.

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