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AtBat Mobile crew puts Mizzou alum intern's 'best pizza' claim to the test

One perk of being an intern is that no one really thinks you know anything. That's all fine, because more often than not, I don't. I can be a little clueless. I still take the wrong subway to work and occasionally misspell a name or five.

But today was different. I had my credibility tested like never before when the AtBat Mobile made its stop at my alma mater. After four years of pigging out in college, I had to answer for a claim Mizzou grads have spouted for years.

Is Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, MO, the greatest of all time?

Any fellow Mizzou alums would call that a clown question, but I was the one who had to answer for it. After days of fast food and stadium food, the crew was hungry for the best. It was like those steaming, delicious slices of over-hyped Missouri tradition were on trial, and I was the accomplice.

After a suspenseful wait, a lesson in technique (No, Arturo, you don't fold these) and five diverse pizzas, I was validated. The New Yorkers, the Fox Sports Girls and even our self-proclaimed "token Canadian" all said it was one of the better pizzas they'd had. Maybe not the best in the world, but excellent and arguably in the conversation. That was good enough for me. Now I just have to sell them on these stories I've been writing.

Check out photos of the AtBat Mobile crew at Shakespeare's right here >>

-- Gary Cotton