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Athletics accidentally host first annual convention for people named Todd Schwenk

Sure, the Athletics and Rangers played on Wednesday night in Oakland, but that wasn't the only big event going on at O.Co Coliseum: It was also the First Annual Todd Schwenk Convention.

So, who the heck is Todd Schwenk? Well, there are (at least) two. Oakland fans might recognize one as the most stylish man in the stands -- always suited and booted to the nines in appropriate A's colors.

But, another man named Todd Schwenk (from Wisconsin) e-mailed the stylish Schwenk 12 years ago because they had the same name. The two kept in touch over the years and, on Wednesday night, finally met in person at the Coliseum.


"First of all," California Todd Schwenk said, "We say, 'Schwenk you very much.'" 

While Wisconsin Todd Schwenk was just visiting friends in the Bay Area and dropped a line, the sharply dressed Todd Schwenk has been an A's season-ticket holder since 1992.

California Todd Schwenk wore a suit to a game on his birthday three years ago and adopted the outfit as a ritual of sorts.

"Connie Mack, the founder of the A's, he coached for 50 years in a suit. 5-0, man," he said. "I'm trying to, like, one man at a time, restore fashion and civility to Major League Baseball."