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Josh Reddick and the A's acquire clubhouse chinchilla, officially win Trade Deadline

Josh Reddick, A's acquire clubhouse chinchilla

Now that the Trade Deadline has come and gone like a wave of so many Twitter shenanigans, it's time to take stock of where we stand heading into the home stretch. Plenty of teams were able to make big upgrades to their roster: Whether it was adding an ace to the top of the rotation, or a power bat to the middle of the lineup, or, if you're Toronto, both.

And yet, none of these clubs can be considered the true Deadline winner because -- while baseball players are nice and all -- the Oakland A's set their sights much higher and brought in a clubhouse chinchilla:

Yes, its name is Chuckie (+1 for alliteration) and yes, that really is a baseball in its cage. While we haven't crunched the numbers yet, we'd imagine that the little guy is worth at least 3.4 WAR for the rest of the year. (That's Wildly Adorable Rodents, obviously.)

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