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Babe Ruth's 97-year-old daughter throws first pitch at Wrigley and is a fan of ... Boston?

Babe Ruth's 97-year-old daughter roots for the Red Sox

Babe Ruth's legendary Called Shot (which, depending on who you believe, could really have been a Shot That Came After Finger-Pointing Trash Talk) happened during Game 3 of the World Series, on October 1, 1932, at Wrigley Field. As part of the Cubs' yearlong celebration commemorating Wrigley's 100th anniversary, they gave away a Called Shot bobblehead on Friday. And in honor of the promotion, they welcomed about the most appropriate person you could ask for -- Ruth's daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, who threw out the ceremonial first pitch and also joined the Cubs' broadcast booth for an interview.

It turns out that Stevens -- who you would probably never guess is 97 years old -- is still a baseball fanatic, telling Jim Deshaies and Len Kasper that she watches MLB games "all summer" at her New Hampshire home. So, does she root for the Yankees, whom her father spent the bulk of his career with? Actually, no: "I pull for the Red Sox," says the only surviving child of the most famous Yankee of all.

The reason for her Boston fandom is simple enough: "Daddy started with the Red Sox." The Sox themselves haven't let her allegiance go unnoticed, as she also threw out a first pitch at Fenway Park in 2011:

But that doesn't mean the Yankees don't appreciate her too. She threw out the first pitch of the last game ever at Yankee Stadium in 2008 as well.

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