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Bald Vinny never misses a Yanks game, even for his sister's wedding

"Bald" Vinny Milano was double-booked on Saturday: his sister was getting married and the Yankees were playing at home. Most people wouldn't think twice before skipping the game for the wedding, but not Vinny, the leader of the Bleacher Creatures and the official starter of their "Roll Call." 

So Vinny hatched a plan: he'd go to the game in his tuxedo, perform his signature Roll Call, then immediately hit the road to complete the one-hour trek up to Commack, N.Y. in time for the photos.

Did his sister know about these shenanigans? "Are you kidding?" he said. "This has been the biggest family drama for the past few weeks." 

Vinny and the Bleacher Creatures: 'til death do they part. Congrats to Lindsay and Dennis on their big day!

-- Matt Latimer / Real-Time Correspondent