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Ballgirl's gold glove defense saves Fenway grounds crew

I'll admit it -- a lot of the time, we're too tough on the MLB ballgirls. If I had their job, I would perform spectacularly worse than they do. They're expected to make plays with the regularity and ease of a Major Leaguer, but without any of the training, glamour or video game commercials that come with it.

Considering the number of times we ridicule them, they deserve to be lauded when they make excellent plays, and this ballgirl at Fenway Park had a particularly excellent snare of a foul ball from Daniel Nava.

She made a great play, protecting the Fenway grounds crew in the process, and her nonchalance after making the grab is really the best part.

Rock on, Red Sox ballgirl. May we all be as good at our jobs as you are at yours.

-- Dakota Gardner /