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Orioles fans got TURNED UP for Baltimore's ALDS Game 1 win at Camden Yards

Orioles fans TURNED UP about the ALDS Game 1 win

Just how pumped were the fans at Camden Yards to watch their Orioles take on -- and beat, 12-3 -- the Tigers in the first game of the American League Divisional Series?

This should give you an idea:


The passionate garb didn't stop at orange hair and hulk hands, either. The Camden crew kept the 2014 postseason tradition of onesies going …

… and came prepared if the O's heated things up:


Indeed, even Santa Claus took some time from his pre-Christmas preparations to catch the game. What did you think, Nick?


He approves. You just know the O's are going to get some real good stocking stuffers after that eighth inning -- everything on their lists.

Just don't bother giving O's fans any home runs hit by the Tigers. They don't want 'em.


Reporting and video contributed by Stephan Cashman, Correspondent.  

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