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Bartolo Colon and Taijuan Walker were born 19 years apart ... and faced off on Wednesday

Starters Colon and Walker born 19 years apart

Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon was born two weeks after the New York Knicks last won a championship. Unfortunately for Knicks fans, that was in 1973. Taijuan Walker, on the other hand, was born in 1992 -- just months before Colon would sign his first contract with the Indians.

The two faced off on Wednesday, and their age difference of 19 years and 81 days is the largest between starters in the Majors this season. That span is so large, in fact, that you would actually have enough time to map the entire human genome in the time between their births.

Walker has basically never known MLB without Colon -- he was just four years old when Colon first took the hill with the Indians. Fun fact: Colon pitched against Hall of Fame first baseman Eddie Murray in that game, but didn't end up with a decision.

And get this: in the time between Colon's debut in 1997 and Walker's debut in 2013, Lance Berkman and Roy Halladay played nearly their entire careers (Walker overlapped with Berkman and Halladay for just a month).

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