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Baseball Card of the Day: Chuck Finley was one rockin' dude

Player: Chuck Finley, California

Series: 1994 Upper Deck

Finley made five All-Star teams during his 17 Major League seaons, 14 of which were spent in Anaheim. Back in the days when Finley was a bona-fide star, he wasn't going to waste his pregame time with pointless foolishness like stretching or warming up. No, he was going to do some serious shredding on his guitar -- and his favorite guitar at the time was a baseball bat.

Considering the incredible dexterity he had with the lumber, it's unfortunate that Finley saw few plate appearances as an AL pitcher. If he had, he probably would have bunted, busted out a bodacious rendition of the solo from "Play With Me" and walked to first while all the fielders were awed into immobility.

-- Dan Wohl /

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